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So, having finally caught up with Thor 2 I thought I’d give a few comments. Not many mind, because there’s not much to say.

I’ve maintained that the problem with the Marvel films is that they are never trying for greatness. They’re very safe. So you’ll rarely get something amazing (I think Avengers was close) but you’ll also never get a total car crash. Well, for me Thor 2 was as close to a car crash as they’ve gotten. The first film wasn’t great but it had it’s charms. Thor being the fish out of water was silly but a lot of fun. In the sequel Jane takes on that role and…let’s just say it doesn’t work as well as the first film.

Jane and Natalie’s performance is a real problem here. At one point she literally falls asleep in the middle of the action, and the drop off in presence from wake to asleep was barely negligible. Natalie looks so so bored, the kind of blankness of performance that reminds me of Star Wars. And when she’s not bored she’s acting like a 16 year old. I happened to see a scene of Natalie as a 13 year old Marty in Beautiful Girls on the same day and that little girl character feels more mature and 3 dimensional in just a couple minutes than all the Jane Foster scenes put together. I know the Thor films are these huge scale “epic” adventures, but just a handful of scenes like that would really raise the stakes in the big moments. Instead we get an important character dying but we’ve never had even half a real moment with them in either film, so it feels empty. All sizzle, no steak.

There were a couple decent action beats and the final action set piece has a creative angle that helped make it feel a little bit more fresh than the stock standard city devastation.


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  • Belerofonte says:

    I think you’re too hard with Natalie’s performance. Not memorable, sure … but is at the same level of efficiency and functionality as the “boring” interpretation of Hopkins, for example. The real problem remains, as in the first film, the writers do not know the character of Jane Foster. The whole issue of “possession” by the Aether, in the hands of a more talented writer would have pure gold. Here the waste of an amazing way. Otherwise, the film, despite being the typical routine vehicle Marvel is quite entertaining to watch. Yes, we still have a film of Thor in a position, that’s for sure …

    Looking forward to see it in Jane Got a Gun, and above all, Malick projects. Hopefully we will see some pictures or trailer soon 🙂

  • omgzrachel says:

    Totally agree about Natalie/Jane, though I can’t blame her for looking bored given she had absolutely nothing to do but act as a plot device.

  • Belerofonte says:

    Totally agree. THAT is the problem. Her character is restricted to be the trigger for the plot, the MacGuffin that everyone seeks. In fact, when Jane reaches Asgard not even get to see the “fish out of water” aspect of her character, the writers are more concerned to emphasize the Thor / Loki / Frigga relationship that make a real contrast with Thor’ s character in the first film …

  • AMSSERME says:

    We must take in to account that the movie did not last 2 hours.Too short to make a character development possible,and to make matters worse they didn’t develop Jane and Thor’s romance in order to make it convincing.I think the writers are to blame.In fact the final scene in which Jane and Thor reunite was written later after the movie was finished and Natalie wasn’t even there.Although the movie was entertaining it could have been better.At least I was not the only one who was left wanting more.

  • Nannina says:

    Are we really at the point where we think a movie 8 minutes short of the two hour mark doesn’t have time for character development? A 90 minute movie can develop its characters beautifully. Hell, you can have good character development in a 10 minute short.

    Somewhere in the course of the past decade or two we forgot how to make quick well-paced films with well developed characters (they sure as hell knew how to do it in the 40s). Now we have these bloated unwieldy things that don’t earn their run time, and throw everything and the kitchen sink at the audience in hopes that it will stick. So many movies these days are over 2 hours that have not earthly right to be. There is no way that Thor 2 was too short, they may have tried to stick too much in there, but making it longer would not have helped.

    • Dazza says:

      Yeah, there is plenty of time. Look at the BG video I posted. It’s 2 minutes and after that I think most people will have an understanding of the characters, a sympathy for them and be entertained by the little exchange. The director comes from Game Of Thrones which has big bloody moments and lots of plot, but also has plenty of character moments shining through.

  • Salazar says:

    I agree that the problem is not with Natalie’s performance, but the way the character is written. I mean, I’m not asking for some major character arc, just some moments here and there would be nice (like when Thor and Loki are fighting about how to control the Dark Elves’ ship, I thought for sure Jane would step in and drive the ship herself). But here she is like a puppet, moving only when the plot shines a spotlight on her and becomes completely non-existent once the plot is done with her.

  • shahin says:

    i like all your filmography specially Thor , im from iran – tehran , i love u

  • Elin says:

    You are so right. I was pumped for Thor because the trailer looked cool, but it was a disappointment. Even Loki, who is easily the most entertaining character, fell flat because of the bloated set-up of the whole thing. I’m not really blaming Natalie for her lackluster portrayal of Jane Foster, as the writing was anything but ideal. But she didn’t look like she fit in. I think she’s too serious a person to be able to lose herself into something like this, just like she couldn’t sell her performance in Star Wars. Anyway, waste of talent all around.

    Dazza, this is unrelated but if you want to watch good TV with some stellar performances, I can really recommend HBO’s True Detective with Matthew McCounaghey and Woody Harrelson.