Mea Culpa

As teased in the comments and Twitter, I just wanted to apologize for jumping the gun on the Natalie pregnancy rumour. If you’ve been visiting the site for awhile you’ll know I’m very quick to pour water over rumours based on very little evidence. It’s actually a pet peeve of mine where someone takes one still frame and extrapolates a narrative from that one moment.

When the better candid photo arrived, followed by another posed shot with perfect lighting, I really thought there’s no way she’s not pregnant. I don’t enjoy the private aspect of covering Natalie news (once upon a time it was different but either I’ve matured – hah – or the fact that Natalie now has a family has changed that) but we do it for the fans who are interested in all aspects of Natalie’s life. As I’ve always said, this site is for you guys. If there’s Natalie news out there, you should be able to read about it and engage with it here.

But back to the faux pregnancy, as I mentioned in the comments the day after, I just wanted to draw a line under it and move on. The speculation was getting annoying and, as I just mentioned, I was now pretty damn convinced. Well, this week it became clear that Natalie’s brood will remain at one for the near future at least. What was up with those photos…who knows, maybe she found Betty Draper’s pregnancy suit.

In any case, sorry again and I’ll be sure to avoid any proclamations without being sure of the facts in future.