I’m Confused

I’m always very sceptical about pregnancy rumours, not to mention weirded out by talking about such a personal aspect of someone else’s life. You spend enough time around the community and you’ll see plenty of rumours turn out to be nothing more than that, so when we first saw the big tummy photos I remained sceptical, but when I saw that photo that Rachel posted last night…it was hard to think anything but “congratulations!”

Well Newscom are reporting that Natalie arrived back in LA in good spirits and even though the video isn’t the greatest, her stomach appears back to…errr…normal sized. But is that Natalie? Doesn’t sound like her. Her hair is light again. If it is Natalie at LAX wouldn’t there be many other agencies with clearer photos by now? Why would she be in LA with her film presumably due to start filming in Israel any day now. Etc etc.

Adding to that is a new article from Jerusalem Post, which reports that Natalie and Benjamin have denied the pregnancy rumours.

So, where does that leave us? Confused.