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By April 30, 2014Nat-news

Sooo a little follow up to yesterday’s hope and prayer that Knight Of Cups could make it to Cannes. I thought an Italian Magazine tweet suggested that KoC might be a late addition to the festival…well MrsKiraSayers informed me that the tweet actually suggested that the film WOULD NOT make the festival.

Then today the news broke that several new films had been added, none of which had Knights nor Cups. So maybe it’s time to give up the dream.

On second thought, long live the dream!

Thanks to lightscamerareaction and Belerofonte.


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  • A. says:

    In 2010, the movie “Route Irish” was added to the competition in Cannes just 2 days before the festival started… In the list of films added yesterday, none were added in the competition. So there’s still a possibility that a film may be added (as Fremaux talked about a 19th film that could be added if it’s ready in time). Still some hope…