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Just a few tidbits we found down the back of the couch.

– We begin with a new old photo of Natalie at CDM Studios, a sound recording studio.


– Brooke Shields has spoken about her admiration for Natalie in the past and does so again in a new interview with Untitled Magazine.

‘I think someone like Natalie Portman did it right. And this has to be taken properly, because she was born in an era where she was allowed to be considered an actress,
She continued: ‘but I look at her in The Professional and I look at Pretty Baby and I look at how her next move, whether it was strategic or not, was Anne Frank on Broadway.
‘Including the Ivy League education, she’s the only person who did that. I think we’re going to see really great things from her.’ She concluded.

– Finally, Agnes sent in a colorized version of an old black and white photo.


Thanks to Belerofonte and Iktriad.