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Knight Of Cups In 2014

It’s a happy 4th of July as it looks like we may get a Natalie film in 2014 after all. The first of Natalie’s two upcoming films from Terrence Malick, Knight Of Cups, had been rumoured to make it to Cannes earlier this year, but Malick is known for taking a long time in the editing suite. Finally, it looks like we might be just a few months away from a release. Via The Film Stage

Speaking today at the annual Ciné event in Riccione, Ernesto Grassi, CEO of Adler (the film’s Italian distributor), says the Christian Bale-led drama will hit limited U.S. theaters later this year before expanding

Grassi also mentions that the film warrants a lot of awards attention. If that’s the case then it should show up at Venice or Toronto in a couple months. Time to get excited.

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