The Avengers Spoilers

Lightscamerareaction has spotted that Latino Review is carrying some spoilers about the upcoming Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron, and one spoiler involves Natalie’s Jane Foster. If you don’t want anything spoiled, steer clear…

We also learn in the party scene that Jane is no longer with Thor! The poor Asgardian is at the bar watching Jane with Richard (Chris O’ Dowd’s character from Thor: The Dark World). Supposedly, he is ok with it. He’s fine. Supposedly.

So, does that mean Natalie is in the film, albeit in a cameo? Sounds like it, although they probably have enough footage to fake it. As for the story detail, it could mean that Jane is being written out of the universe, but I think it’s more likely just an excuse to have the character not in the film in any significant way. They can’t exactly have Thor apologizing to Jane for ignoring her to save the world again in Thor 3, so this time she’s broken up with him. That would be my guess anyway.

What say you?