‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ [News]

What a week! The announcement that Natalie will hold the hammer and become “The Mighty Thor” from Jason Aaron’s comics in the fourth instalment of the franchise has surprised everyone. We have some additional information that has been known during the last days:


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Natalie Portman will be in Thor: Love and Thunder

Yes, it’s real. Natalie will play Jane Foster (and hold Mjolnir as the female Thor of the comics) in the fourth film of the saga: Thor. Love and Thunder. A real surprise for all the fans that we thought we would not see Natalie again in a Marvel movie. The announcement was made this afternoon during the presentation of new Marvel projects at the San Diego Comic Con, and we have the photos of the moment:


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New BTS Thor Image!

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On the occasion of an upcoming commemorative book next November, Marvel Studios has released a few new behind-the-scenes pictures included in it. Among them, there is one with Natalie as…

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Press Junket Tidbits

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The Press Junket of Annihilation, held this weekend, has given us a few tidbits:

-ET Online has a video with Natalie and Oscar Isaac, in which they joke and she explains how the SNL Rap video #2 was made:

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What better to make bearable this Christmas holiday than a few tidbits:

-Natalie and her family are still on vacation in Brazil these days. On Christmas Day she was seen with Aleph and Amalia visiting the statue of “Cristo Redentor”, in Rio de Janeiro.

-Pascal Perich has shared another unused picture of Natalie for a photoshoot taken in 2009 for Financial Times, and it´s gorgeous:


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Natalie in Ragnarok?

  In the last few hours the rumors about a possible Natalie's cameo in Thor Ragnarok have been revived, thanks to an enigmatic tweet that Taika Waititi, the director of…

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Saturday tidbits

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  April comes to an end, and with it the last tidbits of the month... -The filming of "Annihilation" is coming, and little by little we know more details about…

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