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By August 14, 2014Nat-news

Following up from yesterday’s update, Natalie has now released a statement about Lauren Bacall’s passing. Clearly she made a lasting impression on Natalie. Thanks to Kitten for the find.


“Lauren Bacall’s strength, wit and talent matched her extreme beauty. I had the great fortune that she so generously allowed me to direct her in my first short film,” the 33-yera-old actress told “It was a true honor to watch her act up close – her sense of humor, timing and imagination were apparent in every moment. I will never forget the gift of her trust in me and the inimitable and vast talent she had. My deepest condolences to her loved ones.”


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  • Nannina says:

    Bacall was a true star. Just watching her remove her makeup at the end of Eve is a masterclass. Natalie was so lucky that she got to work with her. I’m a big fan of Natalie, but Bacall is my all time favorite.

  • Belerofonte says:

    Nice detail …