It’s time for another edition of mini news items.

– Natalie attended Rachel Bilson’s (from The OC and…uh…) baby shower recently, and gave her a birth bead. Not the most lavish of gifts, but it sounds like this was the arranged gift for all of the attendees. The father of the child is sand hater or former Star Wars co-star, Hayden Christensen.

– Much to our chagrin, but not surprise, Natalie’s two films with Terrence Malick didn’t land on the 2014 festival circuit. The Playlist looks at why this may be, along with 14 other notable films that remain under wraps for now.

– Lastly, Pride And Prejudice And Zombies (the one time Natalie starring vehicle, now just baring her name as producer) continues to steam-roll forward with a couple great additions to the cast – Charles Dance and Lena Heady – the fantastic father and daughter duo from Game Of Thrones.