While we wait for the Berlinale fires to be stoked, here are a couple smaller news items to chew on.

– Indiewire have done their own 40 films to look forward to in 2015. Obviously, given the source, this is a spotlight centered on the indie realm. Knight Of Cups and Jane Got A Gun both made the cut. See what they had to say over here.

– 50 Cent was made the guest editor of The Daily News’ Confidential section, which covered Natalie’s new public appearance. This means we have an actual 50 Cent quote about Natalie. Are you ready for it?

“This is a different kind of sexy. She looks completely innocent, like she’s going to do some freaky stuff to you.”

Nailed it. Great insight, Fiddy.

– Finally, the next Charlie category is coming tomorrow so if you haven’t voted on the Best Public Appearance of 2015 yet…HURRY UP!