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DAY 7 of PORTMANIA 17 is also JUNE 9th!



WHAT?! someone else’s birthday?!?! who could it be?!!


Portmania (3) (1)th

That’s right. ANA made a new Birthday Wallpaper for everyone to enjoy!

now Let’s get things started on this Most Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational, NATALIETATIONAL!!

This Is What We Call PORTMANIA!

it’s the last day of PORTMANIA. Betty the Cow and Dave the Chicken are here, singing PORTMANIA songs. and i’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round!

Today Natalie turns 34. and hopefully we’ll be here for when she turns 56 for PORTMANIA XXXIX!

but one thing at a time! PORTMANIA XVII is the here and now.

what does turning 34 mean?

it means people will finally start thinking of you as an adult! no more of these childish antics! that’s for a 33 year old! 34 is time to get things done!

and she can probably get a fishing license!


this might be the best fishing video game of all time.

this might be the only fishing video game of all time.


Natalie FACT! (WARNING: Natalie FACTS don’t have a twitter account) Natalie Portman once owned a pair of FINGERLESS GLOVES! she wasn’t sure which color to buy, (they come in several colors, including black, green and ORANGE!!) so she BOUGHT THEM ALL!! and in doing so SAVED THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT somehow. it was really cool.

but back to Natalie’s birthday. since she’s now had 34 of them, she’s gotten the hang of them. so let’s count down the BEST NATALIE BIRTHDAYS OF ALL TIME:

5. 34! the one happening right now!!!

4. 26! the one from 2007!!!

3. 19! the one where she turned 19!!!

2. 12! the one where she was making The Professional!!!

1. 0! the one that started it all!!!

what else is there to do?


this is the end of this years PORTMANIA. the only thing left to do is wish you all a happy day. Thanks to DAZZA for letting me do PORTMANIA every year and for keeping NP.com alive for 15 years now! and thanks to everyone who sent in wallpapers and gifs like Ana, Quesse and Steve! and thanks to everyone else too! and especially thanks to 34 year old NATALIE PORTMAN who got born in the first place. you are great and an inspiration for everyone!! especially people who like fingerless gloves!


i’m out of here, kids. next year: THE LEAD UP FOR 20/20.



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  • Amo says:

    Bravo Sanjiro and happy birthday Natalie.

  • Kenneth M. Howland sr says:

    Happy Birthday Natalie have a fun filled beautiful birthday … And wares the party ..lol..

  • Steve says:

    Happy Birthday Natalie and Happy Portmania to fellow Portmaniacs!

  • jordy says:

    Yep… Euhm… of course: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’m going to have a glas of vino tinto to you.

    I know the day is almost done but I hope you had a good one and enjoy the rest of the night

  • Belerofonte says:

    Happy Birthday to Natalie … and thanks to all who make possible this website. You’re great guys 🙂

  • Ashley says:

    Happy birthday Natalie Portman you are my favorite actress allow introduced myself my name is Ashley Peterson your fan Jodey and I want to meet you and become ballet dancer like you

  • jesslv74 says:

    Happy Birthday to Natalie!

  • Steven says:

    Happy 34th B-day Natalie. And fuck Johnny Depp. He’s a joke now.

  • jordy says:

    Your birthday is almost gone but I want to let you know that I don’t care about your age as much as your birthday…
    You could see it like Jack in Titanic who’s a good friend to Rose but in the end, Jack dies and they are friends no more because he dies…
    I want you to know that I know exept from most people on this earth you know for a fact that I’ve been in a cerain place and that makes you my solemate…no secret

  • marco says:

    i love you nataaaalie portman congratulation and happy birthday i love so much

  • kià says:

    Best wishes to you Natalie. Lot of love . Kisses from Rome,Italy

  • Lee Bartholomew says:

    happy belated birthday.. if she reads this and um I’m not usually revved on my birthday which would be a big 40 this year 🙁 eep which back in high school meant a cane with a rear view mirror on it and a horn. Only when Natalie has her hair straight back in a bonnet does she look a bit older but hair down or no hair. (oh wait where’s my hair 🙁 actually started getting grays when I turned 21 O_O started balding in my late 20’s 🙁 new that curly hair curse wouldn’t last. Who’s betting Aleph is gonna get daddy’s hair curse 🙂 seriously it makes you look smarter 😀

  • nic fan says:

    sorry for not writing the same day comment much I love you and admire you happy birthday natalie

  • piter says:

    one beautiful photo and a very special day……. 🙂