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By July 3, 2015Nat-news

Today’s tidbits update comes with a twist. Updating two projects that Natalie was once involved with.

First up is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which many moons ago was set up to be a Natalie starring vehicle to be directed by David O. Russell (The Fighter, Three Kings). David dropped out, followed by a football teams worth of other directors. Eventually Natalie also departed but remains on-board as a producer. The first images of the film have arrived and…yup…pretty much what you would expect. Blood and corsets.

The second is Steve Jobs, which Natalie was offered rather publicly thanks to the Sony leak. I couldn’t be bothered about PPZ but the full trailer for Job has arrived and…it looks kind of great :-/


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  • beauetc says:

    Ha! That trailer looks awesome. I’m a journalist in Berkeley and when they filmed a few scenes for a day in town, I managed to use my press pass to sneak on set, somewhat, and saw Fassbender — that scene made all of .5 seconds of the trailer. Still cool. I wish Natalie could have made it in. I’ve been salivating for her and Fassy to do work together, so I’m just waiting … waiting … for that Malick film to come out.

  • piter says:

    a great movie……. 😀

  • piter says:

    I will be patient and first row……. 😀
    good day friends…. 🙂