A few weeks back we learned that Natalie was being consider for Alex Garland’s upcoming sci-fi, Annihilation. Anyone that has seen his new film, Ex Machina, will be positively frothing at the mouth at the potential. We don’t know about Natalie but Alex has been doing the media rounds and dropping some interesting blurbs about the project. Here are a few choice samples:

“If we manage to get that going, it would be shooting in, I think, April of next year. So we’d go in to prep in January and shoot in April.”


[Annhilation] is not tightly adhering to the beats of the novel in the same way,” said Garland. “It’s a looser adaptation,” although “the basic precepts” are still there. “

It’s in the sort of darker, stranger, propulsive space. It’s more like Dredd and 28 Days Later. Never Let Me Go and Ex Machina basically are reflective, quiet, talky movies, and this has some of the same sort of propulsion, I’d say, of 28 Days and some of the hallucinogenic aspects of Dredd, but they’re way more ramped up. Way, way more ramped up.

Source and source. Thanks to Belerofonte.