Two Interviews From ATOLAD Premiere

By September 5, 2015Nat-news

Two interviews have emerged from Natalie’s appearance in Israel for the premiere of A Tale of Love and Darkness and she gives some very thoughtful answers about both the film and Israel in the combined 8 minutes. Thanks to Iktriad.


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  • Rory Paul says:

    I love Natalie in these interviews. She really seems to love Israel, but in a way that allows her to be very critical of it at the same time.

    On a different note, she looks absolutely gorgeous here. The dress suits her figure, and I like how it flaunts her slender legs.

  • Russell Willes says:

    I’m sure she sees herself in Israel and that is part of her identity.

  • Russell Willes says:

    She definitely seems to have a conflicted relationship with Israel.