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ATOLAD Tidbits

Let’s kick off the week with a few A Tale of Love and Darkness news items.

Tablet have a really nice write up of the film’s premiere in Jerusalem and woven in is a review of sorts – a rather positive one at that. Here’s hoping that when it plays at TIFF the reactions are a bit less neutral than those that came out of Cannes.

Though A Tale of Love and Darkness received mixed reviews when it was first screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May, it’s an ambitious undertaking on Portman’s part, and the result is often quite beautiful.

– Here are a couple Instagram photos from within the theatre. Click here and here.

– And finally, a new photo of Natalie and Amos Oz on the set of the film. This was tweeted by Oz’s daughter, Fania.

Natalie Portman on set with Amos Oz