Jane Got A Gun Got A Home

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It is the time of year where production companies adopt films to take home with them, and if any film needed this fateful ending, it’s Jane Got A Gun. After a very long time of cinematic turmoil, especially in relation to Relativity’s suffering, this film has had a very uncertain future. Well, it is no longer in the dark, as the fine folks over at The Weinstein Company have picked up this film and we finally have release plans!

One thing is for sure, though. Sadly, the film won’t be pushed to be within the race to the Academy Awards as was hoped for, but at this rate we at least estimated release dates. Had the film been planned for an earlier release date, it would be in Oscar contention. However, we are lucky enough to be looking at an estimated November date in Europe and a February release date in North America (this is the planned release date that is most likely taking JGAG out of the Oscar race entirely). The original release date was September 4th before Relativity’s bankruptcy nosedive affected its chance to be released at all. A more specific date in Europe is a planned November 25th release possibly in France. The specifics aren’t set in stone, but we’re almost at the finish line with this one!

For more information on the purchase by The Weinstein Co., check it out here. For the speculation on the November 25th release, you can find that here.

Thank you to Belerofonte for the awesome update!