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By October 5, 2015Featured-news, Nat-news

Well that didn’t take long at it, did it? The Weistein’s involvement seems to be moving things along with the troubled Jane Got A Gun as the first poster arrives. It’s Natalie. She has a gun. Job done?

Jane got a gun poster


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  • Adonis says:

    A really great poster. Natalie looks with cowboy hat and gun simply amazing …

  • Jul says:

    Now that looks cheesy.

  • AMSSERME says:

    Lets hope we see a trailer soon.

  • Ashley says:

    I can wait to watch it I am not afraid or scared because you are my favorite actress Natalie portman

  • Rachel says:

    I agree with Nina’s comment from the previous post. Could they have at least gone with a better font?

  • Nina says:

    I don’t like the picture either. Her neck looks weird. I agree that the font is awful. Even something like the overused Helvetica would have been better. But I guess a sans serif font doesn’t really go for a western. Maybe we should have a who can make a better poster competition? The trailer will probably suck considering how budget everything looks. It’s a shame because I really want Jane to pull through and do well.

  • Maris says:

    I actually love the photo and the tone of it. The font reminds me of Star Wars :p

  • Amo says:

    Wish the design wasn’t so amateur-looking.

  • Andy says:

    Dear Amo,

    Have you EVER made any poster? .
    I like it because Natalie’s face is full of beauty and her left hand is as good as her right from the gun’s perspective.

  • Elin says:

    I don’t think the poster is that bad, but I like Nina’s idea. Artists that are fans make the most beautiful things.
    Hope the flick is going to be entertaining anyway.

  • Russell Willes says:

    Hey Natalie, are you okay?

  • e. e. w/e says:

    See: Aerosmith, “Janie Got a Gun”. Amazing. Please confirm, e.

  • Andy says:

    Dear Amo,

    May I have the details of so caled amateur-looking design?
    Please describe at least some of them what ought to be replaced to what.
    Of course you may have your own opinion, and I apreciate it.
    I just would like one more positive Natalie Portman fan to write or develop it.
    What if alternativ poster also exist? or you ideas can be used at the next one…
    Just hand (just have a nice day)

  • Andy says:

    Best wishes to Natalie.

  • Andy says:

    What I was waiting from Amo?

    For example about the poster:
    The face of Natalie is full with responsibilities as she has a gun on her right.
    The color of the poster is a little bit retro as the feeling of being shut or not easily…
    The type of the letters is full with edge as the chance of the fast changing at anytime…
    Two type of clouds namely the angry ones behind Natalie and lightfull in front of her…
    Her eyes concentrating into a far important point representing the power…
    A good hat making the strong feeling eliminating the not strong pictures of the past…
    Natalie’s funs appear the images of Matilda (at least for me) and JGAG is also a very good movie where Natalie takes more responsibilities as the adults usually…
    This poster might be another part of her beauty, giving chance for womens to have a chance to make important decisions…
    What if all the women who able to direct others life could get a “gun”?
    They already have, but that is another movie…

  • Andy says:

    I am still waiting Amo’s comments…

  • Andy says:

    If somebody types “BLECH” is more than nothing because there is emotion in it.
    What a lipstick was it…
    Sorry, it is not about the poster, maybe I have too much time to write…
    The poster is good, let we see the film with Natalie Portman!

  • Andy says:

    Does anybody know somebody who doesn’t like the poster?

  • Sergey says:

    Hello. It’s good! But something missing. May I offer a variant of poster? What if on photo will see just natalie’s face. And in she’s eyes like in a mirror we see a cylinder with bullets.

  • Andy says:

    As I noticed Natalie has a wonderful body talking ability, which appear in the poster as well.
    I think if, only Natalie’s face could be seen then most of us think of Natalie’s beauty instead of a hard world from the film.
    None the less it is a positive opinion.
    Sergey, thank you for the comment.
    Have a nice day.


  • Sergey says:

    Andy! Yes, I see it now. You mean a contrast. Even thin dress is contrasting with death earth. Have a nice day, Andy!

  • Andy says:

    Soon coming the year end, worth to summarize…
    I started this year with a happy new year wish, I hope every Natalie Portman fan had it.
    As for me I had a relatively good year, there were several weak days but the fact
    that such a miracle as Natalie exist helped me to survive. I visited several countries checking
    the societies and I have the results. (not too good, but there are exceptions)
    I looked for knowledge based societies, and one of them was extremely that.(it is a good news that
    at least one exist…)
    In this year there were several sentences I wrote, and maybe not every sentence was clear
    to everybody.
    For example i mentioned one possible function of intelligency.
    One of my friend mentioned that Google is her friend, and my friend’s friend is mine as well
    I found it out in excel, but it can be interpreted in any prg language as well.
    It is based on two basic items:
    1:if cogito ergo sum and sum ergo love then cogito ergo love (hip sill a->c)
    2:if cogito ergo sum then not sum ergo not cogito (a->b = notb->nota)
    (I do not want to bore anybody here just one more thing
    The Universum cannot be described with 10 dimensions (i think) because the spaces are described generaly
    3 dimension groups.(3,6,9,12…)
    What is the 4. dimension?
    maybe:SNODIC Simple Number Of Different Intelligence Civilisations
    Today it might be sci-fi so I finish it.
    My thinking is a little bit different from others I had chance to talk, this is the reason
    why they do not understand me fully and write down “not true opinions” about me.
    They do not know the difference between bipolarity and ambivalence,
    and do not know the sinus wave either. The problem is that they do not have time to understand
    me while I try to teach it to them. The truth is depend on the actual knowledge.
    None the less I would like to say thank you for this webpage to have chance to write here,
    and I hope at least one people has understood the price of the time as well.
    If one of my joke hurted anybody, it was not my intent.
    So alogether it was a valuable year to me full with experiences.
    Since plan B has finished with sucessfully…(land and house)
    The airplanes still do not fly with standing waves (resonancy. freq. ~20Ghz and ~60 Ghz),
    And the tons of electron still do not delete bits.
    I am sure I will be a useful part of a society even if I will be just a litte part of it.
    The life can be saved only by life so I will try to survive according to my best knowledge.
    What about my book? It is still on me, and I will bring it to there where it is a value.
    There are so many other things, but this comment already is not a usual one to general people.
    Why here? Because there are too many why which answers are: because of Natalie Portman.

    I would like to wish a merry christmas to all reader hoping and expecting a happy new year
    together on Earth.


  • Andy says:

    Occupation: The girl who won’t date you.

    In spring I will be closer to her, Is it possible not to date you yet?

  • Andy says:

    I just want you to know,
    it is worth because of you.

  • Andy says:

    As I know Obama would like to reduce the peaces of the guns.
    Because he knows that that JFK was killed by an object namely a gun.
    If the world has one gun less, it will be a better world.
    Jane has a gun.
    Good movie, I would like to see.