Opening Season Gala

By September 25, 2015Featured-news, Nat-news

Natalie attended the opening season gala for the National Ballet of Paris last night. Given the event you won’t be surprised to know that Benjamin was there as well. Thanks to Belerofonte.

Natalie Portman attends Paris Ballet opening gala


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  • Patrick says:

    c’était super sympa de vous voir la veille Benjamin et Natalie en famille se balader et apprécier la vie parisienne, enjoy !

  • natness says:

    The dress is nice, but maybe not for that occasion. Also, is it just me or does her face look unhealthily skinny in some photos?

    • Rory Paul says:

      It’s definitely not her best look, but I don’t think she looks too thin. I think it’s just the angle that the pics were taken from TBH.

  • vinnie ford says:

    i had 2 box office tickets but gotstuck drinking in va beach to honor a fallen hero in the us marines silver star winner i gave them away to some neighbors of nats my ex knows her from high shcool

  • Jordy says:

    You look like a very handsome couple and it looks like their careers are going very well for.
    It’s chique there too where they do the ballets.
    I’d like to see one at least for once so I’d know if I’d like it or not.
    I didn’t know that I liked theater and musicals until school introduced me to them.
    I apologise beforehand because I like to be straight forward but I hope I don’t offend anybody:

    Natalie, I don’t like your dress! (I hope it’s not a Dior or something…)

    Finally it might be also a good time now to say that I know that it’s probably not always easy to have papparazzi and press around when you go out to enjoy a good night out or go on vacation but the pictures and information given is very much appreciated!

    😉 xx

  • piter says:

    I wish you a happy day friends
    them great happiness to the entire family……… 😀