KOC opens in France

By November 26, 2015Nat-news

The day where we can all witness the evasive Malick film Knight of Cups is finally almost here. The film has opened in France, and the new reviews are kind of what you’d expect for a newer film of Terrence Malick’s. With a 47% on Rotten Tomatoes, you shouldn’t have any fear just yet. The reviews have been split on either loving the artistry of the film or finding it pretentious and overly stuffed. If you’ve liked Malick films before, you may like this latest addition.

As the reviews keep coming, we also have a slightly different trailer. Nothing that really sets this one apart from the other trailer, but it’s good to keep the fire burning since we are so close to finally seeing a film we have heard so much about for years.

Do you think the film will score higher the wider it gets released? Are you excited to see it still? Let us know!

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  • Nina says:

    Unrelated- I found a script review for Annihilation. I’ve read the book and the script seems quite different- I’m not sure if that’s a good thing because I really enjoyed the book and the character of the biologist that Natalie will play. The script review makes the character and plot seem more Hollywoody and less interesting. I guess time will tell!

    • Belerofonte says:

      I was ready this time to break my rule not to read a book that will be later adapted to film, but after what you comment, Nina, I have removed the desire completely 🙁

      I don’t want to read the link for not spoiling the whole story, but if it is as you say, would be a real shame. Garland made a great movie with Ex-Machina. I LOVE the science fiction genre, and I grieve that this time he had bowed to the interests of a big studio to make the story more commercial and less interesting.

      Well, we’ll see …

      • Dazza says:

        I’d have faith in Garland. It is a director’s medium. And Scriptshadow is just a guy. A guy who loved the script for The Equalizer and hated Looper.

      • Nina says:

        I don’t mean to discourage anyone from reading the book. I really enjoyed it. Some elements are more surreal so I understand that it can’t be completely faithful to the book. The book is from the biologists perspective and told through her journal which makes her character and the things that happen more intriguing. I guess that will have changed for the film. Like Dazza said this is one persons opinion on the script. We have no idea what the final product will be like.

        • Belerofonte says:

          Well … I hope it is as you say 🙂

          I have great faith in this project. I think it has many elements to become a great movie, and I wouldn´t like the result would be another conventional Sci-fi film.

          Garland said a few months ago he wasn´t doing a literal adaptation of the book. Since the novel is part of a trilogy, I don´t know what expectations have Scott Rudin and Paramount about it. Garland is perhaps introducing elements of the other novels in this film … or not. We’ll see. Anyway, I think it’s a great opportunity for Natalie returned to the front line again, after last years.

  • namor12a says:

    :Yes it´s a:”slightly different…tráiler”

  • Gwen says:

    I’have seen it, and if you like the other film of terrence Malick, you will appreciate. Landscapes are wonderfool.The film is always bizar. I mean, caracters doesn’t talk for exemple. But, the main caracters are Christian Bale, names “Rick”, and just him. Cate Blanchet and N.Portman appeared just 5 minutes… But, this moovie is beautiful!

  • namor12a says:

    :Definitely:the film will score higher the wider it gets…when it gets released…

  • N456 says:

    Looks good i think. Looking forward to it being released here.