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By January 21, 2016Nat-news

I’m afraid that by the time any of us actually get to see Jane Got a Gun, we’ll have already seen most of it in clip form. Belerofonte found two new snippets from the film, including an exclusive from Just Jared that you’ll want to skip if you’re trying to avoid spoilers (after the jump).


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  • Karolina says:

    What happened to her career 🙁 It seems that Black Swan was her last good movie, I haven’t seen A Tale… or Jane yet, but it doesn’t look good. I want Natalie to have a similar projects to Marion Cotillard… but it’s not happening and I don’t understand why, Natalie is beautiful and as talented as Marion.

    • Dazza says:

      She had a family, basically. We’re only now in the real post Black Swan phase. Let’s see how Planetarium, Jackie and the Malick films turn out.

  • Steve says:

    Natalie on Fallon this week? Wednesday I think?