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We’ve got a great batch of mini news items kicking off what should be an exciting week of Natalie news.

– After many failed attempts, Jane Got A Gun will finally open in the U.S. in a week’s time. So we should be seeing a few Natalie appearances this week and the first big appearance has been announced – The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday. Rounding out the great line-up is John Oliver and Sia.

– Before she heads to the states, Natalie will appear tonight (Sunday) on France 2 at 20:00 to talk about the film. In French!

– Finally, is this a new Garden State poster? Can’t recall ever seeing this one before.


Thanks to Cherryvanilla and Belerofonte.


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  • jesslv74 says:

    I don’t remember that poster…love it though.

  • C├ędric42 says:

    I watch the interview with Nathalie 20h of France2 and I am disappointed, very disappointed to see that she has not even speak French as she has often said she knew now hold a conversation in French.

  • Aurore says:

    Yes, last time she speaks a bit in French. I think she is simply not yet confortable to speak in French. I can understand I did job interview in english and it is clearly harder you can not express yourself as you would like and you fear not missunderstand.