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It’s time for another batch of smaller Natalie news items. Quite a nice selection today…

– The Playlist have published their annual 100 Most Anticipated Films list for 2016 and Natalie had three films make it. Jackie is number 36, Weightless (the second Malick film) is number 2, and Jane Got A Gun was an honourable mention. A bit curious that Planetarium didn’t make the cut.

Knight of Cups opens stateside in a month and a half but will premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in early February. As part of the promotion, Broad Green Pictures are releasing very short snippets from the film, which I personally find a poor match for Malick’s aesthetic. Nevertheless, here is one such clip with Natalie.

– Finally, it would appear that Natalie and Ben are currently in Cuba.


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  • namor12a says:

    :The 31st SBIFF opens Saturday February 13, 2016 so short snippets of Knight of Cups in a clip or in several clips is just not enough information to judge the whole Movie:”you have love in you, I know it…” there should be more than a line from Natalie to comment on it…

  • Natness says:

    Hope Ben and Nat are safe in Cuba. Natalie deserves the break.