Here cometh a new batch of mini news items.

– I listened to this a few weeks back and completely forgot about it, but for all the Heatheads out there, the Bill Simmons Podcast had a special pod about the 20th anniversary of the film. Obviously there is some Natalie chat in there too.

– Alex Garland continues to drop bits of info about the upcoming Annihilation. This is from The Playlist.

“The thing is at the point I wrote the screenplay, which was a year and a half ago now, I hadn’t read parts two and three and I approached it just as a film. I didn’t think about where it was going because I didn’t know where it was going,” he said. “Franchise is such a huge part of the way the film industry functions these days but with this particular job, I just wasn’t seeing it. I have approached films in those terms before. When I worked on ‘Dredd,’ I absolutely tried to imagine it was a trilogy and what would be the structure. Possibly as a result of having done that and the the film bombing and those ideas sort of turning to dust, I’m probably reluctant to think too much in those terms again and just concentrate on the one film you’re actually making.”

– Finally, here is another thoughtful review appreciating Knight of Cups but it includes the fair warning that this film is as niche as it gets.

Personally, I enjoyed Knight Of Cups overall but I wouldn’t really recommend it to just anyone. Not even the casual Malick fan (if there is such a thing). To quote my friend/PINNLAND EMPIRE contributor Leanne Kubicz – Terrence Malick absolutely went “full Malick” on this one.