Annihilation Tidbits

A few tidbits here about the movie for all you guys…

-Summer is about to start, and the filming of Annihilation comes slowly to an end … or at least in regard to Gina Rodriguez, one of the co-stars alongside Natalie, who tweeted a photo about it:

Gina, Tessa Thompson, and a third person … Jennifer Jason Leigh, Natalie? … who knows 🙂

-Also, a film member shared in his Facebook some photos of the shooting. Not clearly see the actresses, but this is a great look to the set locations of the movie (thanks to Kitten for the find).

Finally, Nina found an interview with Sonoya Mizuno, also an actress in the movie, in which she has a few nice words about her work with Natalie:

ORTVED: What do you play in Annihilation?

MIZUNO: I’m playing two parts. One of them is a smallish part where I have some scenes with Natalie Portman, and for the other one we’re creating something that is really pushing the boundaries. I spent all of last week in rehearsal with Natalie and a choreographer and Alex, making something out-there.

ORTVED: What is working with Natalie Portman like?

MIZUNO: She’s just a perfect a person. She’s one of those people who makes you feel like your clothes aren’t clean enough. She’s so nice and has a good sense of humor.