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By February 16, 2017Nat-news, News

Finally, here is the official poster for Song to Song, Terrence Malick’s latest film, to be premiered at the SXSW Festival in Austin on March 10. Enjoy:


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  • Nina says:

    Sadly I don’t think Natalie has a big role in this. Her character isn’t mentioned by name in the official synopsis and her credit is ‘with’ instead of ‘and’ showing it may just be an appearance. Let’s hope her character has a big impact. It would be annoying if she dyed her hair blonde for a small part.

  • jumpin4smoke says:

    i like this poster very much. sadly ‘with’ inputs to little screen time of Natalie in the movie but i’m still interested a lot. the rest of the cast will make up for it, i’m sure. go terrence malick….

  • Aurore says:

    I’m pretty happy with the poster actually, She is on it, so she is in the movie and the name of the actors are in alphabetical order so yes maybe because of the with she will get a smaller part than the 3 others but not that much.

  • Namor12a says:

    I think Natalie Portman is scheduled to appear several times in…The Movie, beyond The Poster and in The Final Cut……I have a few movie stills that could or could no be in Terrence Malick‚Äôs film…