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More Details About Annihilation


The release of the second Annihilation trailer has been accompanied by some articles that give us more details on the story, the characters and the filming of the movie. Here are some of them:

Coming Soon has an interesting story about a visit to the set during the filming of the movie in the UK (with “The Last Jedi” shooting side by side at the Pinewood studios).

Collider has a couple of articles about the film: the first focuses on the movie itself, and the second is an interesting and revealing interview with Alex Garland, in which he makes clear his opinion that Netflix is ​​going to distribute the film internationally:

Recently it was announced Annihilation would be released on Netflix internationally. What was your reaction to that?

GARLAND: Disappointment really. We made the film for cinema. I’ve got no problem with the small screen at all. The best genre piece I’ve seen in a long time was The Handmaid’s Tale, so I think there’s incredible potential within that context, but if you’re doing that – you make it for that [medium] and you think of it in those terms. Look… it is what it is. The film is getting a theatrical release in the States, which I’m really pleased about. One of the big pluses of Netflix is that it goes out to a lot of people and you don’t have that strange opening weekend thing where you’re wondering if anyone is going to turn up and then if they don’t, it vanishes from cinema screens in two weeks. So it’s got pluses and minuses, but from my point of view and the collective of the people who made it – [it was made] to be seen on a big screen.