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Just a few new-old pics tonight, along with some older photos with (somewhat) less intrusive watermarks. Updated sets include candids from shopping alone in Soho and visiting the art exhibition…

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Garden State smooches has put together a pretty awful Top 10 Steamy Movie Kisses list. Is the kiss in Hitch really one for the ages?!

At number 7 on the list is the rain kiss from Garden State. This is what they have to say:

Tragic moments allow people to let their guard down and often tend to bring them together. And when it happens in the middle of a rain storm, it actually makes it all so much more romantic–i.e., they’re so “in the moment” they don’t even notice the downpour. This is something everyone should experience at some point in life. Not just the movie people!

Personally, even though that kiss was set up as THE defining moment of the film, I’ve always disliked it a little. Not a lot, just a little.

Maybe its because of how staged it feels. Maybe its the abyss scream. Or maybe its just the awkwardness of the 3rd wheel.

In fact, I think I like every other kiss in the film more than I do that one.

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Gallery Updates

Two more new-old sets tonight. One from opening night of the play Talk Radio and the other from last year's U.S. Open, looking cozy with Nathan Bogle.

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No Brothers for TIFF but…

The final selections for the Toronto International Film Festival have been made and sadly Brothers won't be making its premiere there. However, there is going to be a special presentation…

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If there’s any truth to this report, Natalie might be attending Scarlett Johansson’s wedding to Ryan Reynolds. You mean their friendship wasn’t faked for the benefit of promoting The Other Boleyn Girl? You disappoint me, Hollywood.

It’s going to be a white wedding for Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, a report from Star magazine declares this week. The couple, engaged since May, plan to tie the knot this winter, after Scarlett’s 24th birthday. The magazine cites a source for the information. The report claism that the wedding will take place in front of 200 guests, including celebrity friends such as Natalie Portman, Woody Allen and Sandra Bullock.

There is also a pretty entertaining Natalie sighting on this blog.

On the way back from the campsite we stopped at gas station/bakery/kitsch-mart spot (Big Sur Bakery) in Big Sur to get gas and saw Natalie Portman with her dog.

She rolled up in a Toyota Matrix with her boyfriend, and 2 ultra-hip scenesters that reeked of L.A. I totally have a *thing* for her. Here’s what the dialog with my buddy went like:

Dude…she looks like Natalie Portman!

Michael Dudikoff:
No she doesn’t. (more…)

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