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More Gallery Updates

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We have a bigger, better-quality version of the Australian Marie Claire cover tonight. Look familiar? Probably because it’s from the heavily-circulated Glamour photoshoot from 2005.

We also have a TON of really gorgeous new and untagged additions to the galleries.


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Aussie Marie Claire

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Natalie is gracing the cover of October's Australian Marie Claire. We just have a little preview for now. Hopefully, with Brothers being released, we'll see a lot more cover shoots…

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Nat to direct in Hebrew

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Variety has a new feature up about directors shooting films about different cultures while keeping the local languages. Half way down the article is this great little tidbit. Natalie Portman…

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Forza Natalie

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Hot off the Vanity Fair Italia presses, a gorgeous posed shot from Venice. Really beautiful.

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Rodarte and TIFF

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Natalie is briefly interviewed at the Rodarte fashion week show. Her appearance is at the 2 minute mark. Rodarte: Spring 2009

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More love for New York

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Yet another positive amateur review of "New York, I Love You". I really didn't think it would turn out to be better than Paris Je T'aime, but it looks as…

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