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Did Nat and Dev go to Hawaii?

The following is an account of a summer vacation (Hawaii) from a personal blog. As always, take with a pinch of salt.

The last day of the trip we returned to the first beach we went to, Hapuna. As we sat absorbing out last day at the beach before returning to the cold reality of Washington my brother exclaimed aloud, “That’s Natalie Portman!”

I looked over and sure enough there she was! The actress Natalie Portman. But to add to that I noticed she was with her folk rock star boyfriend Devendra Banhart. They were on a private lovers get a way and hanging out at the same beach as us! I couldn’t believe it. They went swimming in the ocean and me and Hal ran in and swam nearby. As Natalie Portman came in she waded past me and I blurted out awkwardly “Hey what’s up?”

She said “Heeeey,” back but implied “Hey bearded creep don’t drown me.”
I was heartbroken. She’s my number one all time favorite hottest most beautiful celebrity female and she thought I was creepy. Oh well.

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First Eve still?

This could be a still from Eve or it could just be taken on the set, but that's definitely two of the stars - Lauren Bacall and Olivia Thirlby. Maybe…

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Now some NYILY tidbits

According to the TIFF site, "New York, I Love You" has public screenings on Saurday the 6th and Monday the 8th of September. Maybe some of our Canadian friends will…

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3 Nat mentions

1) Actress Donna English had some nice things to say about Natalie’s stint as a second understudy for Ruthless.

Natalie Portman was the second understudy, and she was lovely–just beautiful, smart, an interesting, inquisitive child. I don’t think I ever heard her sing, because she never went on either.

You can read the full interview here, in which she also talks about the first understudy: Britney Spears.

2) A report of Natalie getting some culture in San Francisco.

Among recent visitors to the Frida Kahlo show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Weird Al Yankovic and Natalie Portman. (They weren’t together and they are not an item.)

Portman, who was there Thursday, was probably here with her boyfriend Devendra Banhart, who was part of the weekend’s Outside Lands Festival. (Banhart had 13 works in “Abstract Rhythms: Paul Klee and Devendra Banhart,” an exhibition at the museum earlier this year.)

3) Not a direct Natalie sighting but a cute “one degree of separation” story all the same.

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Eve updates

Natalie's directorial debut, the short film Eve, will be the first film shown in the short film section of the Venice Film Festival. This will be on the 1st of…

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Gallery Updates

Galleries have been updated with some slightly higher quality but still watermarked photos from the Marc Jacobs fashion show, as well as some hi-res versions of photos from Natalie's recent…

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For the bored

Devendra is playing at the Outside Lands Festival in a few hours. You can watch a webcam of the event over here. Professional Nat-spotters might fancy their chances of catching…

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MSN has done a little list of celebs that graduated from college. Natalie gets a mention and a little write up. Nothing too amazing but updates can't all be NY,…

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