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Okay, a little love

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Well there was definitely some kind of screening for "NY, I Love You" as this blog review confirms. After such a long wait it'd be really disappointing if the film…

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2 new old pics

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This is normally Rachel’s gig but I can’t resist.

The first is very fitting as its from the set of NY, I Love You. More specifically, the segment she acts in for director Mira Nair.

This second pic is even better.


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Natalie vs Scarlett

  • Post author: has a fashion face off between Natalie and Scarlett Johansson. It's quite fitting, as we wait to hear how the "NY, I Love You" screening went, as Scarlett and…

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People approve

  • Post author: have a weekly video rounding up the 5 hottest looks of the week and give tips on how you can get that look for yourself. Well, one of Natalie's…

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Yup, she’s back alright

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The LA paparazzi are so overrated. One day back in NY and bam! Kinda fitting that she's back in NY just as her film, "New York, I Love You" is…

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She’s baaaack

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According to Vogue, Natalie is back in New York. I know a few of you are in a state about her LA move but perhaps this news will help you…

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Another Eve clip

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At the 1:14 mark of this video, we get a glimpse of a new scene from Eve. Just a few more of these and we might be be able to…

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