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Nat supports Obama + new images from Eve

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Italian fans might enjoy this write up of Natalie's appearance at Venice last night. More importantly, there is also a video of Natalie on the red carpet in which she…

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Natalie rocks the red carpet at Venice

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As mentioned earlier, Natalie is attending the Kineo Diamanti al Cinema Award Ceremony at the Venice Film Festival, where she will be receiving a "Movies for Humanity" award. Some of…

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Nat arriving in Venice

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We have some very tiny but very new pictures of Natalie's arrival at the Venice airport for the Venice Film Festival today. Hopefully we'll get some bigger ones later on.…

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Sunday and Monday details

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I think this weekend is Natalie's first real public event since Cannes. It's be a long wait for us Natalie fans but we should definitely get some great pictures from…

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Natalie in Kenya?

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If reports are correct, Natalie will be joining Manchester United football star Cristiano Ronaldo, former ER actor and good friend Anthony Edwards and London marathon winner Martin Lel in Eldoret,…

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Filmspotting for the film lovers

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I'm probably a bit late to the party on this but have recently discovered the film podcast, Filmspotting. Their weekly shows include reviews, film discussion and end with a top…

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Humanity Award

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Natalie is to be honoured with the inaugural Movie For Humanity award at the Venice Film Festival. The award is "dedicated to social commitment" and is "a sort of 'Nobel…

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Gallery Updates

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I've finally gotten around to setting up galleries for Natalie's lunch with Mystery Man and her recent trip to LAX with Devendra. I've also added a couple of new pictures…

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