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Gallery Updates

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Quite a few new pictures of Natalie and the Nat Dog at the dry cleaners in West Hollywood the other day have been added. Click the pic for the gallery.

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Five More Friends

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Natalie appears in a blink-and-you-miss-it spot in the sequel to the annoyingly patronizing Five Friends PSA, entitled Five More Friends, urging Americans to vote (or not, whatever). If you're having…

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Little Isabella V clarification

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If you haven't read the earlier Isabella V update, be sure to do that first. I was able to find out that there is truth to it, but that things…

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Pooch and Port

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It's a real deluge of Nat news at the moment. Below we have two new sets from yesterday. The first is apparently Nat and Pooch leaving a friends house and…

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Another day, another new film project

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After a year of nothing, Natalie now seems to have two projects lined up. Yesterday it was Love and Other Possible Pursuits and today its the wonderfully titled, Isabella V. The film will be a thriller, a genre I’ve wanted to see Natalie in, and is based on a true story. The script is written by Dan Gordon (The Hurricane) and is based on an Esquire article.

The article details how a young heiress went on the run from her powerful and dangerous family, only to then detail her story in a blog. Is it real or is it all an elaborate con?

The Esquire article comes pretty close to answering the question but perhaps you want to remain spoiler free until the film. If you want to discover what its all about, it may be a long read but I was riveted to it, while slurping down my morning corn flakes.

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Gala gallery up

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The gallery is now up and includes several new pics and non watermarked versions of the earlier versions. Click the image to go to the gallery.

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Nat at Awards Gala

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Last night, Natalie attended the Hollywood Awards Gala in Beverly Hills, where she presented Kristen Scott Thomas with a Best Actress award. We've got 1 HQ image and two watermarked…

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Nat has a new movie…at last

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It’s been a long time coming but Natalie will be starring in and producing (under the Handsome Charlie banner) “Love and Other Impossible Pursuits”. The feature film, which starts filming in just 2 weeks, is about “a young woman who finds the key to recovering her marriage in her relationship with her precocious stepson”.

Don Roos is directing his own script and while he isn’t exactly a huge name, and this film is definitely a low budgeted indie, he has a pretty good record with small films. I heard very good things about Happy Endings and Opposite of Sex was fantastic.

Jennifer Lopez was originally cast but dropped out, leaving the film in real trouble. Natalie stepping in has “rescued” the project.

Read the full Variety report after the click.

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