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Eve blurb

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Natalie's directorial debut, Eve, didn't win best short film at the Hamptons Film Festival but this blurb from New York Film Review Examiner, builds on the notion that Eve is…

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The Talk

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Natalie wants young voters to have "the talk" with their parents. No, not that one.

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Natalie back in Paris

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Just Jared is reporting that Natalie was back in Paris yesterday to shoot a perfume commercial (oooh). She also stopped by to visit the Picasso exhibition at the Grand Palais…

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Vote early video

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Simple. No puppies. But still very cute. In this new video, Natalie wants everyone to be aware of early voting, in certain states, for the upcoming presidential election.

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“PSA” pics

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Garcy made some screen captures from yesterdays fake PSA. I was going to set up a gallery but I don’t know where the hell to put it. Television? Charities? Ads? I’ll let Rachel try and work that one out.

But now, puppies!


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Vanity Fair Italia

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Some great new medium-res photos from Natalie's shoot with Vanity Fair Italia have surfaced. Not a fan of the awkward pose that made the magazine, but the outtakes are quite…

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Natalie and Rashida Jones (The Office) have an answer to the financial crisis in this new..."PSA". Enjoy :-P

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More from vote early

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A few more snaps from Pitchfork and a Cincinnati blog. The latter had this to say: She was kind enough to stand around back stage after speaking to let people…

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