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Idol look alike?

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American Idol is back and this recap of the last show makes a pretty big claim.

Lea Golde is Kara’s biggest fan, has written over 100 original songs, kind of looks like Natalie Portman and is a living, breathing SNL skit. She sings “Every Time We Touch” through her nose. Simon says she sounded really annoying, and the judges pretty much agree, although Kara compliments her on her dedication.

The girl in question? Click on to see.

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Gallery Updates

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10 more brand new HQs of Natalie and a pal leaving Joan's On Third restaurant in Hollywood have popped up. Kitten found some medium-res versions that you can view at…

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People spotting

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Just your stock standard Natalie spotting courtesy of People. Natalie Portman, heading for the hills – the Hollywood Hills, that is. She took a relaxing, solo stroll on the lawn…

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Back in NY?

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Would seem so, if the NY Post is to be believed. MARTHA Stewart isn't known as a bleeding heart, but she and her daughter, Alexis, are throwing a party tonight…

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