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Okay, that makes more sense

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Garcy has made an interesting find, which certainly answers some questions. E's Marc Malkin, in reporting on the Halloween event that Natalie attended, mentioned that she went as Little Red…

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Samir wants Natalie’s brain

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I'm absolutely, and willfully, clueless about Bollywood. So I've never heard of Samir Soni, but he appears to be a rising star in India and has exceedingly good taste. Which…

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Natalie and Rashida Jones are back in another super-serious (and super-cute) PSA. See more Natalie Portman videos at Funny or Die

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Tears off screen and on?

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In this new interview with Carmen Maura, Natalie's co-star on Free Zone, she talks about the director, Amos Gitai, being very difficult to work with and how Natalie was crying…

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Future leading ladies

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The Movie Fanatic has put together a list of 5 actresses to follow in the footsteps of todays leading ladies. Personally, I think all 5 are already established leading ladies…

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Nat is Spider Power Ranger Man Woman

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Natalie was snapped heading to a party last night and one can only hope it was a last minute decision to attend, because there wasn't much thought going into her…

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Beirut baby

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There is a small Natalie blurb in this new interview with Zach Condon of Beirut, which goes a little something like... Yes, definitely. There are a few songs that have…

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