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Some Cloud Atlas links

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On the basis of the poll we conducted, most of you are very keen on the Cloud Atlas rumour having some truth to it. I’ve poked around a bit but haven’t been able to find anything that backs up the rumour or contradicts it. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the mean time, here are two links that talk a bit about the rumour.

I am a big fan of Tom Tykwer’s work, from Run Lola Run to his segment on Paris, je T’aime. I am skeptical of The International, but hopefully it rises above a standard bank thriller. This news however, is very intriguing. Tykwer’s style, combined with the Wachowski’s style, could be groundbreaking, and I mean that seriously. Both are known for memorable visuals, so imagine what the talents would conjure together! And I’m all for Natalie Portman as the lead.

The other link is a bit more skeptical.

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Closer vs Closer

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The adorable and beautiful Anna Friel, who most will know from Pushing Daisies, talked to Esquire about playing the Alice role in the Broadway version of Closer. ESQ: And in…

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