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Nat offered Spanish Joan of Arc?

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Been awhile since we’ve had a juicy new film rumour to discuss. According to The Independant, Natalie and Ellen Page have been offered the role of Augustina De Aragon, who inspired the Spanish resistance against Napoleon’s army. She eventually became a commander of the Spanish army. Read about her life, which even includes a prison break, at wikipedia.

If you’re excited about her story and this project (and not wringing your hands while shouting “does she plan to play every damn Spanish female role from the 1800’s?”) you might want to hold off on the cartwheels just yet. Because if the report is accurate, the main contender for the role is Natalie Tena (Harry Potter).

Click on to read the full article, which includes the possible male co-stars.

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Nat is a critter

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Spoonbat has found a blog where a guy breaks down womanly types into 7 categories: Buttons, Nerds, Sultresses, Unicorns, Serpants, Swans and Critters, which is what Natalie falls into. Critters…

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Nat back in LA

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According to Just Jared, Natalie and her pup are back in LA. Natalie Portman totes her adorable Yorkie through LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. The 27-year-old actress…

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