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Another Eve clip

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At the 1:14 mark of this video, we get a glimpse of a new scene from Eve. Just a few more of these and we might be be able to…

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New image from Venice

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This was snapped during the screening of Eve. I love her big smile, when she looks like a character from Wallace and Gromit :-P Later today, Rachel will be doing…

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Goodbye Venice, Hello Toronto

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As we say “ciao” to Venice (sorry), we now have the Toronto International Film Festival to look forward to. Natalie won’t be there in person but “New York, I Love You” will be shown in an unfinished state. Not only is she acting in Mira Nair’s segment but has directed a segment herself.

The word out of Venice was that Eve was very promising. Now it’ll be interesting to see if her NYILY segment can match it. One things for sure, we’ll get more proper reviews out of Toronto.

The film has public screenings on Saturday and Monday. I don’t know if tickets are still available but you can try over here. If you do manage to go we’d definitely love to hear what you thought.


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Venice tidbits

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Time for a bumper update, bringing together several smaller bits of news out of Venice.

Firstly, on Monday night Natalie made an appearance at the Gucci Group Awards. We’ve been waiting for non watermarked pics to surface, so we could set up a gallery but, so far, nadda.

Hopefully someone out there might be able to help.

– I wasn’t a big fan of that dress but Go Fug Yourself REALLY didn’t get it. However, they have a theory…

“Perhaps she’s desperately trying to communicate something very important to her fan base, or her manager. Or her mom.”


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Video of Nat at Circuito Off party

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The headline says it all. Enjoy. UPDATE from the comments section - "We made the video a couple of days ago, she was here in Venice to present her first…

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Will Nat be going to Toronto?

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Attention will now start to shift from the Venice Film Festival to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), where the anthology film, "NY, I Love You" will be shown. Natalie,…

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Natalie in motion

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Two more videos have surfaced of Natalie at the Venice Film Festival. The first is Natalie working the red carpet at the Kineo Diamanti al Cinema award ceremony and the…

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