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Video of Eve + press conference interview

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The news ain’t stopping for nobody. If you head over here you can see a video featuring 3 scenes from Eve and footage of Natalie talking about the film at a press conference.

Maybe my dramedy guess wasn’t that far off the mark after all.

We also have a great deal of the text from that press conference. The original Italian is here but below we have a rough translation.

Natalie Portman what is autobiographical in its debut in the direction of short Eve and what were the themes more interested in telling?

‘Eve is actually inspired by my personal experience, I would not define it as autobiographical even if telling of some interpersonal relationships between two elderly persons I am very inspired by my grandmother, who has had a profound influence on my growth. But it is only inspired by her is not a portrait. Rather I have drawn a lot from family stories of my friends and their personal experiences. I was interested in telling the relationship between generations. Like how the young confront the elderly, and vice versa. Eve I would define it as a reflection of what I have learned, through me who is next, intergenerational relationships. (more…)

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Eve photo call

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The new photos keep raining down. This time its of Natalie attending the Eve photo call earlier today. You can view the gallery over here. A big thanks to Just…

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Sufjan Stevens scores Eve

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The Playlist blog have the news that musician, Sufjan Stevens, has composed the music for her short film, Eve.

Sufjan is a fantastic artist and his involvement on a short film is quite a coup.

The Playlist article also mentions that a French reporter wasn’t too impressed by the film and noticed that the boom mic was visible on several occasions. A bit surprising considering how the first 3 opinions/reviews were very positive.

Natalie says that she’ll be doing some more acting jobs before directing her first feature film, which should still be A Tale of Love and Darkness, the adaptation of the Amos Oz memoir.

The full article is below:

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Eve stills

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I posted a rough screen cap earlier but we’ve now got a perfect still of Natalie directing Ben Gazzarra and Lauren Bacall.

We also have two other shots from the film, which make my comments about it almost certainly being a comedy look pretty stupid.


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First reviews of Eve are here

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Below are the first 3 reviews/opinions of Natalie’s directorial debut. It would seem that Natalie the director has well and truly arrived.

Okay, it has to be translated through babelfish but even in scrambled English it seems quite positive. They also mention that Natalie is holding a press conference tomorrow.

“Natalie Portman has renewed her quality of young prodigy of the cinema”

“it has been applauded by the public.”

Full translated article here.

UPDATE – Another translated review here and this one sounds even more positive.

The face Is extraordinary “knot” of Lauren Bacall that closes the short “Eve”, before test to the direction of Natalie Portman. The exceeded test to full ballots with praise (summa cum laude, as they say to of la’ of the ocean, using a Latin expression) for the delicacy of the story, the magical touch of the scenes, the circolarita’ of the narration.


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