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Kill the cheerleader, save the world

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A CBS Sports blog has an article called Hollywood’s 10 Hottest Anti-Cheerleaders. In other words, celebs who don’t have the typical hot look and who are more into brains…which is why the pick of Sarah Palin is a little confusing. Nevertheless, Natalie made it to number 1 and here’s what was said:

Forget about how bad the Star Wars films she was in were for now and know that Portman completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Harvard. She has also pursued graduate studies in Jerusalem, continuing to live up to her billing as Hollywood’s Hottest Anti-Cheerleader.

After beginning her career in the early 1990s, Portman has played the cute, unassuming role in most of her films. But the 2005 drama Closer was the first time Portman portrayed an overtly sexual character, and men can’t thank the director enough.

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2 small mentions

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Not much but when you put those two Natalie mentions together...okay, its still not much but not everything can be break ups and crazed Hindu's. Kirsten Dunst is the latest…

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Gallery Updates

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Just a few new-old pictures today of Natalie rocking some big shades while on dog walking duty during Cannes. Want to emulate Nat's style? You can find yourself a similar…

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Another example of “has the world gone mad?” – American Hindu’s are expressing their grievances about Devendra Banhart’s Carmensita video, for its “mocking of Hindu concepts and symbols”. Of course their anger is primarily directed at the writer and director of the video. If not them then surely the musician who commissioned and stars in it, Devendra. Right?


They’ve decided to go after Natalie and are demanding a public apology.

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