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Natalie and Rashida Jones (The Office) have an answer to the financial crisis in this new..."PSA". Enjoy :-P

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Eve = minor masterpiece?

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The feedback for Natalie’s directorial debut, Eve, has been very enthusiastic up till now. But this new review, from a screening at the Hamptons Film Festival, goes above and beyond. There are minor spoilers but the first two paragraphs and the last are completely safe.

All these films above are interesting short films. They feel like short films. Short films often feel like “short films”.

The fifth film in the program, however, is not a “short film”. It is a film. It is also a minor masterpiece. It is perhaps the best short film I’ve ever seen. The film is beautifully shot and edited, and brilliantly written and directed, by Natalie Portman (the actress).


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Eve seen

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Ked delivered on her (?) promise to see Eve at the Hamptons International Film Festival. She wrote up a full break down of the story, which you can read after the click if you don’t mind spoilers.

In short, she thought it was great and noticed that Natalie’s mom was credited with artwork used in the film.

Here’s the full write up:

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