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Mystery solved?

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Hmmmm. I got an email from a guy called Charles who says he immediately recognized the guy with Natalie as, Long Island raised and LA based actor, Max Greenfield. Veronica…

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The new guy

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On the weekend we posted a video of Natalie leaving Chateau Marmont with a male companion. Some people think it might be Nathan or Gael but I'm pretty certain its…

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The Manic Pixie Dreamgirl debate continues on NPR, with a a short video discussion about this character type and Natalie is mentioned right at the start as "the quintessential MPDG".…

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Holy Toledo

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Natalie will supposedly be giving a talk at a rally for Barack Obama tomorrow. I'm a bit skeptical that the LA rally actually took place last weekend so hopefully this…

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More Paris

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Not only have we now got much better sized versions of the pics from the previous update, but we have 3 new images as well. Enjoy. Click for gallery

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