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Part 2, I guess

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Hey all Here is the next step towards completing my update. Amy found this link where the Oscar nominations are looked at and who should have been included. Natalie is…

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Ok, here are the last of the outstanding items. I may have missed a few things but hopefully nothing important. I'm pretty tired so this will be curt. Orionsaint sent…

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update part 1

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Hiya Not really in the mood for a loooong update so over the course of the weekend I'm gonna do mini updates and hopefully by the end of the weekend…

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first pics from Closer!!

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Hey all I'm slowly getting my PC back to it's former levels of greatness and thanks to those of you who emailed me about my problem. It's now fixed thanks…

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the day keeps getting better

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Wow, I'm seriously loving these Italian Vogue pics although they look better a bit smaller but we'll work on alternate versions. In any case, here they are... One Two Three…

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kill me now

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Hey all Well I'm (vaguely) back. I had to get a new motherboard and CPU and power supply and Hard Drive...yeah, my poor wallet. I'm currently reinstalling programs and trying…

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stealing Sanjiro’s thunder

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This is too cool to sit on. From the new Italian Vogue and courtesy of Celine...hereeeee's Nat! There are more pics coming so stay tuned. And keep sending suggestions to…

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