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More Rewards Ahoy

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If you haven't become a patron yet - now is the time. We're about 5 monthly donations short of being able to move forward on the new server. And later…

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Want almost 1,000 Natalie pics?

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Our Patrons over on Patreon just received the first reward - almost 1,000 Natalie Portman magazine photos from the years 1994-2003. If you sign up as a Patron now, I'll…

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Become a Patron

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So, it probably didn't escape your notice that the site has been incredibly slow in recent months. It's a lot better now, but still not ideal. And the server is…

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How to Make a Successful Video Ad

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I've wanted to create more video content for awhile and yesterday I set up a new YouTube channel. Most people watch the videos on Facebook and Twitter, but for the…

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Happy New Year

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A big Happy New Year from the team. Here's a little video to celebrate the occasion. May 2018 rock our collective Natalie Portman socks off.

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Happy Holidays

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From the team, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays!

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Planetarium Review

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I was really excited about the prospect of Natalie working on a French film, particularly one directed by Rebecca Zlotowski whose Grand Central is fantastic. Unfortunately, this is one of my least favourite Natalie films. The story has a strong connection to the dead, but its the film that is D.O.A. It certainly looks handsome, and the performances (particularly Natalie and Emmanual Salinger) are solid at the very least.

Natalie Portman Planetarium

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