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Pack Your Bags

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Thank you for your patience as we tried out this new theme on In a day or two, we will be moving this new design to Hopefully, everything…

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Calendar – July

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We've got another wallpaper calendar from Ana to get our desktops in the right mood for July. We're in need of some new graphic artists to create calendar wallpapers. So…

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Song To Song Review

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I came to Song to Song from a bit of a strange place. I adore a lot of Terrence Malick’s earlier films – sure, they will often frustrate, but they are also capable of moments of beauty that transcend the form.

But Malick’s last two films, To the Wonder and Knight of Cups (with Natalie), left me mostly frustrated and cold. What used to feel poetic now felt unfocused and forced. What used to leave a deep impression now felt shallow.

Song to Song doesn’t quite get back to making me feel how I did about his earlier work, but there are moments that reminded me of those films. Don’t get me wrong, I still wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone. It’s going to be maddening for anyone looking for a narrative to hold onto. But in the music, tragedy and striking images, there was enough for me to remain engaged throughout. (more…)

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day 4 of PORTMANIA is June 9th! the last Day of PORTMANIA 19 which is, of course, NATALIE'S BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATALIE PORTMAN! Birthday cake for EVERYONE! Today she turns…

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PORTMANIA is painless

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DAY Three of PORTMANIA! Let's do the Charlie Awards first! The first Category for today is Best Wallpaper and the winner is from Celina! EXTRAORDINARY, Celina! you must be a…

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PORTMANIA is better than you!

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It's PORTMANIA 19 in 2017 that takes over 4 days when Natalie turns 36! it's true natalie will be 36 on friday and so to celebrate we'll do PORTMANIA! I…

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Calendar – June

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  Hola, June. For most of you it is probably heating up, so here is a summer-y calendar wallpaper for your desktops. Thanks as always to Ana. 1600x1200 1280x1024

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