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'Ello I guess the big news is a new Cold Mountain review. It's mildly positive about the movie but this line was enough to make me happy. There were also…

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site news: saturday's update was translated into spanish. do not trifle with robotinez, his robotical powers are limitless. the language boo-boo is being remedied right now but for those of…

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Un rapidín..

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Ok, this update was mistakenly translated into Spanish so I'm just englishifying it again. I dunno wth I said but basically, new nat pics of her waiting for a cab…

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site stuff

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Hiya The staff page has been updated with a few changes. Unfortunately I've decided to remove JC but if he ever shows up again he's more than welcome back. I've…

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Hey all Sorry for the outage again this weekend but really, until Pher can get that server this is something that can always happen on weekends cos Pher isn't around…

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