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Rachel Reviews ‘Jackie’

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I’ll admit that I was not excited about Jackie when the project was first announced back in 2012 (was it really that long ago?). I was picturing a forgettable, paint by numbers biopic, and didn’t feel like Natalie looked the part of Jacqueline Kennedy. But when it was announced that Darren Aronofsky was involved in the production and Pablo Larraín was directing, I became more hopeful that Jackie could be something special. After the all the glowing reviews started pouring in earlier this year, I was impatient to see the finished film. Now that I have, I don’t feel like there’s much to say that hasn’t already been said. The hype is real, guys.


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Jackie Photography Tidbits

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Christmas is approaching, and a certain hiatus of news with it. Until the awards events of January begin, Jackie will expand in more US cinemas this holidays. One of the highlights of the movie, apart from Natalie’s performance and the Mica Levi’s soundtrack, is the cinematography by Stephane Fontaine. Awards Daily has an interesting interview with him, in which he describes the difficulties during the shooting in Washington D.C. and the Paris studios.

Also, we have a new “for your consideration” poster, and a couple of behind-the-scenes photos:



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Jackie Clips

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  Fox Searchlight has uploaded on its Youtube channel a couple of short clips of the movie. In them, we can see the fascinating conjunction of the images with Mica…

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Jackie Tidbits

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  Taking advantage of this news break in Natland these last two days, we are going to collect some tidbits about the Pablo Larrain´s film. -First of all, Natalie continues…

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