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PORTMANIA goes all the way!

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boy oh boy!  DAY 6 OF PORTMANIA 16 is HERE.

AND we get to start with TWO new pieces of artwork!

FIRST Another poster from Celina!

Portmania BlackSwanth

and Ana RETURNS with a wallpaper of 32 Natalies all laughing at US!!


Portmania (3)anath

is there anything else worth reading in this Newest of PORTMANIA updates? quite honestly, no.  but you’ll HAVE TO CLICK TO BE SURE!!


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so we’re on DAY FIVE. that means after today there’s only TWO DAYS LEFT to get your PORTMANIA shopping done.  DSC_2579.tif

a new poster from Celina!

come inside and look at what I wrote. it’s gonna be about sons and cats. (more…)



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  I've got quite a good roundup of mini news items today, starting with... - Those of you looking for some truth to emerge, from what went down with Lynne…

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  Still breathing on Natalie news fumes but hang in there, we should start to get some news in a couple weeks or so. Until then... - MrsKiraSayers has taken…

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Letterman And Other Tidbits

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  Here are a batch of news items - apologies if any of these have been covered in other updates. - According to this site, Natalie will make her 16th…

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Jane Gets A Poster

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  We finally have a character poster for Natalie's Thor character, Jane Foster, and I suspect this one is going to be a bit better received than the last effort.…

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New Thor Poster

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  A new Thor: The Dark World poster has landed and...err...I feel like we've interrupted an intimate back alley moment and now Thor is going to pummel us for it.…

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Thor Posters

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  Unfortunately neither of those two Thor The Dark World character posters include Natalie, but I know how many Tom Hiddleston fans there are among you so...

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