Shanghai International Film Festival

Red Carpet Album

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  Wrapping up the Shanghai updates, here is the full album of over 50 photos from Natalie's red carpet appearance from the film festival. Hopefully we won't have to wait…

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Shanghai Album Number 2

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  Next up we have the second album from Natalie's Shanghai Film Festival appearance - that of the "most awkward interview ever".

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  Okay, we're back and here are a nice mixture of mini news items to get started. - Let's start with a video of Natalie's long lonely (well, she had…

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On Stage

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  We've seen her at the press conference, on the red carpet and now we have a look at Natalie on stage at the Shanghai International Film Festival. Thanks to…

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Red Carpet

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  Earlier today there was the Shanghai International Film Festival press conference, which based on this interview seemed to just be about...herself. Run it through Google translate to learn some…

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Press Conference

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  Natalie has attended a press conference in Shanghai for the International Film Festival. I'm not exactly sure what she's there to talk about and who she is representing and…

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Shang Hi

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  Great news fellow Natalie fans in need of some proper content - it seems that Natalie will be making an appearance at the Shanghai International Film Festival. This report…

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