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By June 2, 2014Nat-news

Great news fellow Natalie fans in need of some proper content – it seems that Natalie will be making an appearance at the Shanghai International Film Festival. This report claims that Natalie will attend the Golden Goblet awards ceremony on June 22nd. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

Let’s just hope it’s true…

As a taster, here is a candid photo from Natalie’s 2007 visit to China.


Thanks to Kitten.


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  • SIFE says:


  • omgzrachel says:

  • G says:

    Ni hao Natalie. Wo hen bu hao, ni zai nar? Ni wang-le hen duo Natalie. Bu qu Ba-Li. Qing qu wo. Ni wang-le hen duo Natalie. Qing qu wo. Wo xihuan ni.

  • rryq says:

    Must be for Benjamin’s Ballet show to be held in Shanghai.Great,another round of red carpet photos on the way!
    Please do come!

  • Fredora7 says:

    Omgosh.! I’m going to China next week for a holiday but it will only be for a week. The festival is from june 14 to the 22th. I heard Natalie will be there towards the closing ceremony. Hai I wish I can at least get a glimpse of her in person from a far or at least be breathin the same air as her.Then I can die in peace. so close yet miles and miles and mile away hahaha. anyways if I do see her which will be like NEVERRRRRR haha, I think I would just stay rooted to the ground , smile to myself like a Psycho and perhaps wet my pants. Dont think I will ever have the guts to even approach or utter a word. Her absolute beauty will just blind and silence me. hahaha. Nontheless cant wait for her new red carpet photos !:))

  • Destino (麦喀士主义哲学) says:

    Jesus! I ‘ve been living in Shanghai since I was born!And now she comes here,it’s just too exciting for me!

  • G says: