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By November 29, 2010Nat-news has two really nice Natalie articles. The first is a Black Swan article that has a lot of, now all too familiar, quotes, but there is some new content as well, including a couple really interesting comments about Harvard.

More interesting is a piece on Natalie’s career, which includes her 5 most fearless performances up to Black Swan. I might swap Beautiful Girls for Anywhere But Here but other than that, it’s a list that I wholeheartedly agree with.

HOTEL CHEVALIER (2007): Wes Anderson’s uncharacteristically mature short was released along with his “The Darjeeling Limited,’’ and features Portman and one of that movie’s three brothers (Jason Schwartzman) luxuriating in a Paris suite. She stalks him to France, and it’s a delicious-looking encounter, where the sex doesn’t seem like a put-on, and the sharp breakup talk between them seems truer than anything in the feature. Portman’s haircut is Jean Seberg’s, and her demeanor is pure screen goddess.


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  • celia says:

    I love her performances in both Beautiful Girls and Anywhere but Here (though BG is disliked as too “chicky” by some of my guy friends, whereas ABH is generally considered universally appealing enough (again by my male friends) to go past the more female-oriented script. So either would have worked here. I think a good chunk of her choices have been fearless and bold. Even though Star Wars did not work out and it feels a little like tricking a 15-year-old, she did sign onto one of the biggest franchises of all time very young. And hey whatever, I can just stare at screencaps of her in the gold corset flowered dress from Ep II 😛