Nude Weekend

Since news is slim pickings right now, I have some DiorSkin Nude content but instead of one glorious update, I’m going to drag it out for 3 updates over the course of the weekend 😛

This does have the benefit of letting each item have it’s moment in the spotlight and, I think you’ll agree, the outtake photo below, which was never used commercially, is more than worthy of all the spotlights in the world. Thanks to Kitten.




6 Responses to Nude Weekend

  1. 2 years ago by A fan in France

    Natalie is still beautiful on this photo

  2. 2 years ago by jesslv74

    When I clicked on the photo I was taken to a page that said something like “Security Violation. Action not permitted.”

    • 2 years ago by Lee Bartholomew

      that happened before on a couple of posts while you were gone . never were fixed. I know how to get to Dazza. Rachel not so much (blush not big on the forum blush)

  3. 2 years ago by Lee Bartholomew

    Must be a hole because eventually I get to this

  4. 2 years ago by Lee Bartholomew

    and no fix on this yet :(

  5. 2 years ago by Dazza

    I think it’s linking to images that were moved and the link just not updated. This one works now.


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